Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday 23rd Sept - counting the moorhens

I haven't been down to the canal much recently but today I stopped in to put up some more photos - tomorrow is the day when the Bradford council planning panel meet tomorrow about the development of the Greenhill - so I am hoping people will turn up to object to it.

So what's down there? The moorhen couple seem to have five juveniles left but they are now all about the same size so it is hard to tell which are from which brood. At least now the female will be able to build some fat stores back up before the winter - I hope. They really are delightful to watch. One of the juveniles came right up to me today.

TweedleDum and TweedleDee were up at the Greenhill - and the little flock of Swedish and Aylesbury ducks seem to be doing well too.

It was great to see the young white geese doing rolypolys and diving in the water - always brings a smile.

No tomorrow - I may even take the camera!

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