Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Blue Swedish Ducks: Babies

Remember me telling you both the dark coloured Swedish Ducks were males?  Well they're not! At least one is female and she has new babies.  Which makes me wonder if she, not a mallard, is mother to the early brood.  Certainly the timing would be right - but that mallard coloured duckling has me wondering.
But - here are the newbies - only a couple of days old by my reckoning.

photography by annmackiemiller: copyright 2011
Blue Swedish Duck with Ducklings

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  1. I have a young blue swedish/rouen cross, not sure if it is a he or she yet but it is gorgeous! Mostly black base color with highlights of green and blue and a perfect white front collar and bib. Your picture of this one is similar but I don't see the green and blue colors.