Saturday, 30 April 2011

28th April

I am having trouble with getting on line so I just have to upload blogs when I visit a friend's so bear with me.

What’s noticeable today?  Smudge is there and she is now making noises which seem to be keeping her remaining chicks closer to her.  She is down to 7 now.  She does sound as if she has a bit of a sore throat but she didn’t do this at all last year and seems only to have started it today.  What is also noticeable is that the male is absent. 

I was able to confirm the 1st five goslings are thriving, they are getting big.  I also saw the other family of five on the Greenhill at a distance but didn’t see either the China goose family or the family above the coppice on the other side of the swing bridge.  The Brambles female is still deep in the thicket – no obvious sign of goslings and no sign of the male today either.  The other geese are still sitting on nests.
Our wee moorhen family at Micklethwaite seem to be thriving despite the fact that once again the nest on the piling has been destroyed.  It doesn’t seem to destroy their spirit though.  When I left one adult was pulling it back together again.   A lesson for us all there do you think?

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