Sunday, 26 June 2011

Checking in on Sunday

I managed down to the canal on Friday but I haven't processed the photos yet - will do that soon.
But I also stopped on my way home last night near 10pm and that was interesting.  All the white geese were down at the canal as was Smudge with partner.  I read again how mallards don't keep the same mates year on year but these two are definately bonded.  No sign of babies though.  I don't know if she has abandoned them further up the canal.  I was also reading that isn't unsual with mallards as is adoption.  The same article talked about them laying eggs in other ducks nest too which I hadn't heard of before.

Also spotted for the first time in months - BOTH dark Blue Swedish ducks and the Splodged Swedish Duck together.  I really thought one had gone for good.  No sign of the youngsters at Greenhill last night but I did see them along at the boat yard on Friday and they look to be thriving.  I'm just about to write an article on them over on Hubpages.  (link when it is done)

Photography by AnnMackieMiller: copyright 2011
Aylesbury ducklings, Blue Swedish duckling and hybrid Blue  Swedish /Mallard duckling
about 4 weeks old

Also on Greenhill last night were TweddleDum and TweddleDee in company with the Swedish Brothers. On Friday the injured one was on its own and just sitting at the boat yard, but last night it looked a bit more mobile.  There is hope yet.

Just as I was leaving the three families of Canada Geese came down the canal and out to roost on Greenhill.  If we lose this site - well it will just be heartbreaking.

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