Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mr & Mrs Blackbird on the Coconut

Pictures of Male and Female Blackbirds on Feeder

Winter Feeding Wild Birds
Male Blackbird on coconut feeder
Male Blackbird on coconut feeder

Female Blackbird on coconut feeder
female Blackbird on coconut feeder
No bird behaviour post today - just a couple of pictures of Mr and Mrs Blackbird enjoying the coconut in the garden yesterday and a reminder to keep feeding them.  At this time of year it is as well to remember to put out some fat for them so they can generate their own heat! Suet balls and slabs, coconut half shells - I keep mine when they are empty and fill them with bird peanut butter that you can buy at pet stores on online  - don't be tempted to use human peanut butter - I don't think it is good for them but I could be wrong.

Take the suet balls out of the net and break it up for ground feeders. I tend to just throw one on the ground and the blackbirds love to peak at it.

You can also make your own of course - RECIPES FOR HOMEMADE SUET

AND don't forget to put out water for them!

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  1. I enjoy watching the blackbirds. We have one that is very funny. He perches on top of the birdbath then jumps up to one of the feeders to knock sunflower hearts down to eat. We've got a large suet ring hanging up that the blackbirds enjoy right now as well.