Friday, 10 June 2011

The rescue of an injured gosling

photo by AnnMackieMiller: copyright 2011
injured Embden goose gosling
This little guy was sitting at the edge of the canal when I went down this afternoon.  Clearly injured and abandoned by the rest of the flock.  What to do?  I raced home and phoned the RSPCA who weren't all that bothered really - this is the main switchboard people.  Back down to the canal, the gosling had managed to get into the water, I think to get away from crows.  There was certainly fresh blood on its face.  What to do?  I asked someone on one of the barges to phone the RSPCA but they thought it would be too expensive!  Another chap walking by said he would phone when he got home. 
Meanwhile... it had floated close to the near bank.  Ian the nice chap from the animal feed place on Micklethwaite lane came down and caught it for me, put it in a box and it is now with the vet.

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