Sunday, 8 May 2011

Need to play catch-up along the canal

It's now the 8th May and this is the first day I have had my computer back - so I will try to catch up with all that is going on along the canal.

Smudge - God bless her - is down to 2 ducklings that she just wanders off from.  She is still mating with the male and he is keeping all the other randy devils away so she may well have a second brood and do better with that one.

The China goose is doing well with the 20 goslings.  It is interesting to see that they mostly go to her for shelter rather than the second female - maybe because the China goose was the one to take care of them first.  I seem to vaguely remember reading that geese follow the first legs they see!

My lovely moorhens are STILL building and rebuilding their nest at Greenhill despite it's frequent destruction.  You have to admire their tenacity.  They are down to 4 chicks now but they are getting really big.

The other goslings all seem to be doing fine - no loses there.

Did I tell you that the nest along near the weir was destroyed by a mink?  I think the one made by the fawn coloured goose also went that way.  You had to feel sorry for her, she hung around the China goose for a while looking longingly at all those chicks. 

No sign of any life under the hawthorn tree.  I reckon if the eggs are going to hatch it should be this week.

I was also looking back to see when I first noticed the Canada goose nesting and I think it was around the 13th April.  If they incubate for 30-34 days, that brings us to mid May so their goslings.  The male is very vigilant. 


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