Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The China Goose and 20 Goslings

I mentioned the other day that the China or Chinese goose has 20 goslings.  She shares the care, protection and teaching of them with another female white goose and a big white Embden male.  She is very obviously the dominant female and takes the lead in everything.  The goslings seem to go to her for brooding instead of the other female and she seems to be taking the more active roll in teaching them.  Yesterday, the goslings were following the adults into the water and many did a sort of camicasi dive from the highest point of the bank.  She let them all get in the water then she led them out again via a path and them back into the water.  What a clever mama.

Wildlife photography by AnnMackieMiller copyright 2011

'Oh heck!'

'That's the way to do it.'
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