Sunday, 17 April 2011

We have babies!

Good news and bad news along the canal.  We have new babies.
First seen were five mallard ducklings:  Bad news - sadly now reduced to 2.  I suspect they have been killed by male mallards who have been harrassing the female to mate.  Mallards will do this.
Next up were five lovely goslings on the Greenhill.
and only tonight, the first sight of bug-eyes moorhen chicks.  I saw 2, one having fallen out of the nest and managed to get back in, but there may well be more.  Stay tuned.

Mallard female with duckling
wildlife photography by AnnMackieMiller
copyright 2011

Goslings and mother picture
Wildlife photography by AnnMackieMiller
copyright 2011

Moorhen chicks
Moorhen images from AnnMackieMiller copyright 2011
You can see the new arrivals on my HubPages
The First Mallard Ducklings
The First Goslings on Bingley Canal
Watching Goslings

To date I think we have ten more goose nests and one Canada goose nest to hatch.  I suspect the moorhen's nest along at the weir is unproductive since there doesn't seem to be any moorhen sitting there.

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