Friday, 18 March 2011

Nest Check

I was a bit worried when I arrived at the canal today to find the nest with the eight eggs abandoned.  I walked a bit further to see who was about and came back to see... a goose making it's way back to the nest.  Phew - she had obviously been off feeding.  She came over for some duck food, then after a wash and a preen made her way back to the eggs. 

I am fascinated by bird behaviour and can't help but wonder at it.  For example, when the mother got back on land she seemed to pause and look around.  Was she checking there were no predators to see her make her way back to the nest?
I also wondered where the male was.  The day she laid the eggs he was there, now he isn't. 
She checked them out a few times then stood above the eggs for a while perhaps drying her undercarriage. 
Finally she settled back done.
I find it hard to identify the geese but since I spotted two more nest today I am just  calling this one WG1 for now.

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