Friday, 31 January 2014

Yet another planning application on Greenhill

We thought we had won - but once again the developers have made another planning application to build over 400 houses on this site. They haven't made any real concessions, the same objections apply. The infrastructure round here just cannot cope! They are named lanes for a reason - essentially the roads are little more than tarred over cart tracks.

So once again I am asking you to become involved and send in your objections to this. I'm still gathering information on exactly what to write and to where but you can see the application is you want to wade through 215 documents.

"New Application for Sty Lane!!!

Reference 14/00293/MAO 
Alternative Reference Not Available 
Application Received Thu 23 Jan 2014 
Address Land At Sty Lane Micklethwaite Bingley West Yorkshire 
Proposal Hybrid application for the construction of 420 to 440 dwellings, removal of existing vehicular swing bridge and replacement with vehicular and pedestrian swing bridge over the Leeds Liverpool Canal, provision of new accesses off Sty Lane and Micklethwaite Lane, a point of access for a pedestrian bridge near the head of Canal Road, emergency and limited access off Oakwood Drive, pedestrian and cycle access to Fairfax Road, off site highway works and laying out of public open space and landscaping 
Status Pending Consideration 
Appeal Status Not Available 
Appeal Decision Not Available"

Keep in touch with the GAG team - It looks as if they still have to update the site for this round but there are downloads I think we can use for this objection -

Come on - we did it before, we can do it again. I'm pretty sure the developers are depending on us running out of steam - let's not let them win by default. 

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