Monday, 30 May 2011

Trying to save Greenhill one photo at a time

GAG - the Greenhill Action Group have asked me to provide some wildlife photos for their public meeting to be held on June 7th protesting the development of this greenfield site.  It prompted me to write an article I have been meaning to do for ages.
Trying to save Greenhill

Then a quick trip to the canal, filled me with joy as I watched all the new goslings.  One family - another 3 some, has about 14 very young goslings.  When I arrived they were on the far bank where there is that high concrete wall.  One fell in, so one of the adults jumped in and swam it along to where there is a path leading into the canal at the end of the concrete.  Meantime the other adult are shepherding the remaining goslings along the top of the wall to the path for a somewhat safer entry.

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