Thursday, 21 April 2011

Nesting Update

Briefly, because I still have to process the photos, this is where we are with the nest.  We have at least 10 goose nests in sight, plus one Canada goose nest at the bottom of the bramble field.  So far only the nest under the hawthorn tree at Greenhill has produced any goslings.  Last evening one solitary (very shaky) hatchling appeared but there could still be more.  Both females are sitting on the nest and the male is standing guard.

The moorhen's nest at the weir has been abandoned, judging by the hen-peeking between the male and female, I don't think any eggs were laid.

The moorhen's nest at Micklethwaite Wharf has produced seven chicks at least.  Today the nest was partly destroyed and the female has been rebuilding it enough to brood the chicks.  At one point she did go over and inspect that hole in the edge of the concrete where she had her second brood last year.  I suspect she wanted to see if it was suitable for use this evening but obviously decided to stick with the original one. Once she had built it up a little she went to the bank, calling and getting the chicks to follow her.

I managed to pin point two more moorhens nest by following an adult back to each.  Once again one is built on a branch overhanging the canal and the other well hidden in the coppice.  None in the reeds this year but then that is fully occupied by goose nests!

And, of course, no swan's nest this year.  Although I saw Old Grumps in late February early March I suspect he has died.  According to a local expert, he has been nesting here with first one then a second mate for the last 19 years.  He certainly would never have tolerated all those goose nests along the reed beds - oh no, no way.  We are being visited by 2 to 3 one year old swans probably from last years brood and one 2 year old swan.  They don't mate until about their third year so we may see them back as nesters then.

I'm slow with the photos just because there is so much to process but this should keep you going:

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  1. Such a pleasure reading this. Much as I love swans I never knew how long before they began raising young.