Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday in Upton Garden

Having a word with St Francis
 Being a wimp, I decided it was too wet to visit the canal today, so I spent the morning cosy inside my friends house watching the birds visiting garden feeders.  There was a nice mix with great tits, blue tits, long-tailed tits, one coal tit, a nuthatch, Mr and Mrs blackbird, a starling, pideon, sparrows, one male chaffinch and robins.  The woodpecker and the tree creeper that are common visitors to this garden, were conspicious by their absence.

Male Blackbird


It just goes to show how much good you can do by providing some feeders.  This site is ideal: it is an enclosed space with high hedges for birds to hide and nest in.  My friends cater for all tastes with the fat-slabs being particularly popular.  Anything that drops is quickly hoovered up by the ground feeders. 

Long-tailed tits

Great tit

Male chaffinch

You don't need a big garden to enjoy watching birds.  I have a tiny garden but with two feeders I have lots of visitors. 
British Robin
As usual - I will be writing a lens with more photos about my day watching birds in Carol and Geoff's garden.


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