Saturday, 12 March 2011

Goin' Courtin': Courtship Display White Geese in Pictures

Images by AnnMackieMiller copyright 2011
Last year I watched in fascination as mute swans put on a courtship display worthy of a ballet.  This year, the mating geese down at Greenhill gave me another show.  Perhaps not as elegant as the swans, but every bit as loving.
Geese mate for life.  On land they noisily let everything in range aware who is mated to who and the pair have a greeting much like a courtship, every time they meet.  They mate on water and for once, are silent.

 These photographs document a tender display put on just for my benefit.  The dislay consists of the pair dipping their heads under water and rubbing necks before mating.

You will be able to see the whole courtship on Squidoo when I get the lens finished.

A love bite goose style?

Last year I did a series of web pages in words and photos about the wildfowl along the canal.  This link takes you to an index.


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