Thursday, 13 March 2014

March Day at Rodley Nature Reserve

Let's get this blog back on target. With the weather definitely spring-like it was the perfect day for a visit to the nature reserve at Rodley Leeds. This is a little reserve beautifully preserved by volunteers. It is only open on Wed, Sat and Sunday but it is well worth a visit if you are in this area. It has a wonderful range of habitats so your chances of seeing your favourite is high.

This is my haul from yesterday.

At the first lagoon mute swans, mallards and coots were showing well but the next one held a surprise. With another pair of mute swans was this little beauty.
BLACK SWAN by annmackiemiller
Black swans are not native to the UK, they are usually from Australia. This one is probably an escapee from a private collection. They tell me this one appeared last year on the canal next to the reserve then moved onto the reserve. The mute swans, rather than running it off, seem to be tolerating it well. Pity it choose just the wrong moment to dip in for a feed.
MUTE SWANS, BLACK SWAN by annmackiemiller

On that lagoon were also tufted ducks, teal and a pochard as well as the usual suspects. Someone said there was a snipe but I didn't spot it. 
TUFTED DUCK by annmackiemiller

COOT by annmackiemiller
Walking on along the riverside path I had a delightful display by a beautiful red kite. Didn't manage any decent photos unfortunately so you will need to take my word for it. :)
A quick pit stop for a couple of tea at the visitor's centre - all run by volunteers. 

My last stop was at the manager's garden where they put out feeders. At first there was not much but it was so peaceful it was no hardship to hang around for a while. To be rewarded nice views of male and female chaffies, blackbird, tits, crows, a bit of a shaggy male reed bunting who is obviously still coming into his breeding plumage, male and female greenfinches, some pretty female reed buntings, a single dunnock and a couple of male bullfinches. 
MALE BULLFINCH  by annmackiemilller

MALE CHAFFINCH by annmackiemiller

"table mates" GREENFINCH AND BULLFINCH by annmackiemiller
MALE REED BUNTING by annmackiemiller

FEMALE REED BUNTING by annmackiemiller

And the last photo of the day - a pretty female pheasant -

If you fancy a nice day out or even the chance to volunteer - this is well worth a visit.
I'll be back to write more about this reserve another day.

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