Saturday, 4 June 2011

Photo Exhibition down at the canal

Some of you may have seen the feature in the Telegraph and Argus on Thursday about my impromptu photo exhibition down at the canal.  \I decided to do this as my protest against the development of the greenfield site there, and to let people see what they and future generations will miss out on if it goes ahead.
|On a very blustery day I had very positive feedback - though they are hardly likely to say they suck are they?  not when I'm standing right there anyway.  I managed to get a page full of signatures for the petition and have persuaded quite a number of people to send in objection letters before the 15th.  My friends also saw someone had written a letter to the paper saying Bradford Council would do well to look at "Ann Miller's wonderful wildlife photos".  I have been really touched by how many have enjoyed the photos.
And all that was the prelude to me saying sorry for not keeping up to date this week - it has taken quite a bit to put together.
I'll bring it all up to date tomorrow but meantime, the micklethwaite moorhens have hatched their second brood of chicks today.  I only got a few glimpses when the adults did their 'shift change' and no pictures unless you count piccies of his butt!  I suspect they will be out of the nest tomorrow and we will see in the juveniles from the first brood are up to their job or helping take care of them.  I can only hope the crows don't get them.

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